Post#63 Gift Wrapped with Newspaper and Coloured Paper Snowflakes

From time to time I like to share something on my blog that non-crafters can try easily….this is one of them…
I really don’t like how we waste wrapping paper and keep thinking of alternative gift wrapping ideas….using a newspaper tops that list…….and here I have used coloured paper snowflakes to decorate …simple but effective as it takes the focus away from the newspaper…
This idea took shape when I was making paper snowflakes with my daughters for Christmas decorations last year…we used white copy paper for those…there were a few extras which I attached to one of the presents…and it did look good…so this time I tried the same with three 6″x 6″ coloured paper…they look like flowers in coloured paper so it’s good for any occasion…
I stuck these flowers/snowflakes on the newspaper using a basic glue stick…and tied a couple of coloured strings around the package…
Here’s the link for a photo tutorial on Martha Stewart’s website – How to make paper snowflakes
Hope you will try these out and have a lot of fun making them…

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