Sunshine,Laughter & Flowers Card

I used to love using patterned cardstock for card bases when I started cardmaking…but slowly I stopped using it altogether…I agree that a white card base brings out the most in a card,but I still can’t stop myself from using coloured card bases and even printed cardstock bases once in a while…
So on a printed light+dark green card base,I prepared a white top layer by first masking off a triangular area near to bottom and then stamping a flower background stamp with light pink ink…once that was done,I used a ruler and pink maker to draw a line under the stamped area to make two distinct zones on the card…I stamped a dotted line stamp with green ink under the pink line…and finally stamped the sentiment under it…
The image at the base of the card is a clear stamp from Fizzy Moon called Special Wishes and I have cut it out from a separate piece of paper after colouring it in…
Once the top layer was ready and adhered to the card,I punched out some tiny butterflies from gold glitter cardstock and glued them randomly onto the card…
Hope you liked this card….
Post#203 - Me And My Daily Papercraft Blog - Handmade Card by PriCreated

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