Post#151 Confetti Card

It was high time that I tried a confetti card myself….there are a lot of versions on Pinterest and I’ve been delaying trying that because I first wanted to try making a very small envelope using a WRMK 1 2 3 punch board…

Since I wasn’t able to find dimensions for a tiny envelope online,I sat down with the punch board and came up with one that I could use on this card….I used a 3″ square double sided paper and the first punch and score line is at 1&3/4″….

Once the envelope was ready,I stuck it on the card and covered the card with colourful punched circles and rhinestones in a way that they seem to be bursting out of the envelope….

The sentiment is stamped on a small gold cardstock banner and placed on the envelope…

Hope you liked this confetti card….

Post#49 Origami box with lid

The very first gift box I ever made was an Origami box….Its so simple and I can make it at anytime and almost any size without looking for instructions…Even my kids can… 🙂
There are heaps of videos and tutorials on the net if you would like to make one……All you need is a square sheet of paper for the lid and another about 1/2″ smaller than that for the base….
Origami boxes can be made from any kind of paper….usually thin paper for easy folding…..but because I wanted to make a sturdy box I used card stock for the base….
Once the box was ready, I decorated it with three banners and a stamped sentiment ….
Hope you liked it…