Christmas Gift Boxes

Every time I need a gift box,I simply go to Sam's blog - and I usually find the right box with all the measurements and even a tutorial video....I also love how she decorates her boxes...Today I looked for a small box tutorial which is about 4" high and found this one - Soft... Continue Reading →

Cards Box Set – Tea or Coffee?

A set of handmade cards is a great idea for a present....especially for someone who likes sending small notes or cards to people bought cards are easily available but they are mass produced and not unique in any way...Today I'm sharing a box set of four 4"x 4" cards and I have made envelopes... Continue Reading →

Cute Purse Style Box

The first time I tried this box out years ago,I didn't quite get it right and probably didn't have the patience to understand and execute the design I'm very glad Sam(from Pootles)made this very box/purse again for the way back wednesday theme that she's been doing at her blog these days....Here's the link for... Continue Reading →

Post#196 – Clutch Bag Style Gift Box

This box does look like a clutch bag,doesn't it??I haven't made boxes in a while because I'm running out of space to keep them....but I 'had' to try this one out... :)You'll find the excellent tutorial by Caroline here - Clutch Bag Gift Box TutorialIt's an excellent tutorial and the box is quite a good... Continue Reading →

Post#124 – Christmas Gift Box

While buying and giving Christmas gifts are quite an exciting part of the holidays,there is a big need for gift bags and boxes for these presents...while some gifts can be simply wrapped using papers of all sorts,others need a bit more...and with that thought I started on this box...The box itself came together quite quickly... Continue Reading →

Post#116 Star Box

Now this is a box that I wanted to make because of the lovely star shape at the top of the box...I had the link for the tutorial bookmarked for more than a year now but never got around to making it coz I thought it was a kind of a tricky box...I couldn't have... Continue Reading →

Post#108 Double Flip Giftbox

I knew I was definitely going to make this box as soon as I saw a post by Caroline on ┬áher blog called CraftyCarolineCreates.....I have added her tutorial video below my picture in case you'd like to see how this box is made...It's a great size rectangular box....and the two flip lids meeting in the... Continue Reading →

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