Post#98 – Tiny Gift Box

While searching for projects and things to make with the Tag Topper Punch, an image of these really cute boxes came up but the link took me to the tutorial in a language I couldn't understand much.....Thanks Google Translate, I was able to make these tiny goody gift boxes easily....Here's the link for the great... Continue Reading →

Post#96 – Small Tent Box

This is one of the cutest boxes that I've made....and yes I made this by following a tutorial by Sam's great for holding a few chocolates or treats or a small item...It's a triangle shaped box that opens at the top and the outside case/cover shaped like a tent closes the box nicely...and that... Continue Reading →

Post#80 Pinwheel on Giftbox

The pinwheel punch board from WRMK creates the best and fastest pinwheels that I have ever made...I was able to decorate the whole wall in my kids bedroom in an hour with colourful pinwheels in a lot of different sizes...I also bought the pinwheel attachments so I could try making a few working easy..Today... Continue Reading →

Post#76 Mini Milk Carton Box

While searching for dimensions for a small milk carton style giftbox I came across a tutorial by Krista Driessen...and when I tried out the was just I wanted...and soooo cute... :)Here is the link for the tutorial if you'd like to try it out as well -¬†Mini Milk Box Tutorial By Krista Driessen.After creating... Continue Reading →

Post#73 Cross Close Box

For ¬†quite some time I had been looking for a tutorial to make a box which did not need a ribbon,string or a band to close it......and luckily I found one by Elaine Jackson on her blog called Papercraft Button....She has shared measurements for a variety of sizes for this box she calls the Cross... Continue Reading →

Post#67 Bright Gift Box

I have seen so many pins on Pinterest where crafters have used the Stampin Up Tag Topper Punch to create a whole lot of is quite interesting to see, learn and create all these things...So I made a box using the WRMK 1 2 3 Punch board...once that was done I took a piece... Continue Reading →

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